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Welcome to Legend Valley Outfitters, where we offer some of the finest 100% fair chase trophy whitetail & turkey Ohio has to offer.  We manage over 3,000 acres of some of the best whitetail & turkey habitat you will find anywhere in the Midwest.  Our properties are located in some of the top producing regions & counties & are loaded with big bucks, great genetics & a ton of longbeards! 


Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best quality hunting experience possible & enable them to build memories that will last a lifetime.  It is important that our clients are seen as individuals and not just another paying customer.  That's why here at Legend Valley Outfitters, it's not about the number of hunters we can squeeze into camp each week or run through camp each year.  Instead, we run a limited number of hunters, a limited number of weeks & we focus on the quality of each and every hunt, your overall experience & providing our clients with some of the highest opportunity/success rates you will find with any honest fair chase outfit. 


We take great pride in the fact that we have not only hunted Ohio for most of our lives, our team also brings over 35 years of combined experience in the outfitting & outdoor industries.  Whether its been from hunting or outfitting ourselves, working as professional guides in Ohio or filming/producing big game & fishing shows all over the world, we have gained a lot of experience & knowledge over the years.  With our experience, along with the strategy & tactics we use, as well as the extensive planning and preparation we put in year round, it's no mystery why so many of our hunters are successful.


We measure our success by the quality of your time spent with us, the memories we build together & the fact that our hunters leave feeling like family!  Ofcourse, our high success rates & the number of our hunters who go home with a big buck or longbeard helps too. 


As you can see, we have a passion for the outdoors and chasing everything from whitetail, to spring turkey and walleye.  Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a parent looking to get your children hooked on the outdoors or just wanting to try something new, we have the resources and experience to place you in a position to be successful.


Let us be part of your next outdoor experience and enjoy the great outdoors with Legend Valley Outfitters.

Our Mission


fishing guidelines prior to your trip to Legend Valley Outfitters. The link above will take you to the most recent booklets, provide a number of important forms and publications and give you an opportunity to purchase your license.

Ohio Hunting & Fishing Regulations

Be sure to review and be familiar the Ohio hunting and

Our Partners

At Legend Valley Outfitters, we strive to develop partnerships that will allow us to promote only the best quality products in our industry.  Rest assured, if you see it here, we use it & we believe in it!

If you take your food plots & minerals as serious as we do, then you need to check out Whitetail Institute's line of products. We love them & have been using their line of Imperial food plot seed & 30-06 minerals for years. Hands down, the best we have found!

Our goal at Legend Valley Outfitters is simple.  We want our clients to have the best experience possible and walk away feeling like family.  The experiences we share hunting and fishing often define who we are and become memories that truly stand the test of time.  It is an honor for us to have the opportunity to be a part of something much greater than ourselves!

What To Bring!

Covert Scouting Cameras have been around since 2008 & they have quickly risen to the top of the trail camera industry. We are very excited to be partnered with Covert, the leader in wireless trail cam technology!

Success in the field often begins with proper planning and preparation. Cold weather, rain, equipment failure, etc. can certainly lead to a miserable experience if one is unprepared. We want you to be ready for whatever mother nature has to offer and have the items necessary to put the odds in your favor! Be sure to make a checklist of everything you will need & please let us know if you have any questions that may help you organize your trip!

Don't Just Blend, Become. The unique arrangement of TREEZYN allows you to become any environment of your choice. Whether it be the early spring and fall or the late season hard woods, you can hunt with confidence knowing that you wear the most versatile, silhouette vexing camo pattern available today.

The official ground blind of Legend Valley Outfitters!!

The XP-1 is hands down the Best Blind Value on the market!

IWOM Outerwear

Hunt longer with IWOM

#1 Full body hunting suit

The Ramcat is the next step in broadhead evolution. This is not your average cut on contact or chisel tip broadhead. This technology gives you more than both of them, with unparalleled flight & penetration performance. We are honored to have Ramcat as the #1 broadhead choice of Legend Valley Outfitters!


Fair Chase Whitetail Hunting Videos!

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